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A certified multishipper | demi bisexual | She/Her/They/Them | INFJ | I like animating, and drawing | I mainly plan on posting art here! | Feel free to send asks! <3 | HHHH tablet broke. can't draw so much :(

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stuff i've done because i was bored

i just watched the owl house and i must say y'all are sleepin on it cuz its just mwah *chef's kiss*


y'all ever wish there was a way to constantly refresh featured posts? I just wanna look at all the good art man

The annoying thing about animation is when you look at it for too long it ends up being burned into your mind and then your mind makes it look faster than it actually is. It throws off the timing of the entire thing, is it too fast or is my mind just fucking with me? who knows.

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hi yes hello this is my arm now 🥰😍

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Oh man! Congrats dude! It looks dope!

I like how peaceful it is in waterfall, we all just vibin <3

what a girl gotta do to get a cottagecore lesbian to fall in love with her

i like how thell is making glacier as an alternative for youtube while there's already a website called storyfire which is doing the same.

fire vs ice >:3

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philadelphia flower show (2017)

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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII my back iz in so much pain </3 artistz r hated by our bodiez i think

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Feel like trying to make datapacks again

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might make it a baking datapack

Feel like trying to make datapacks again